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Hello, I'm Vivi Labo.

I'm Danish and this is my picture site about Denmark, a very small country in northern Europe.

Over time - as I photograph my way over land and sea - I'll add more and more pictures, info and stories about people and places here in Denmark.

So, do come back often and check out my latest additions and updates.

Thank You!

Latest Additions & Updates

  1. Picture Gallery - Halloween in Tivoli Gardens

    Oct 26, 14 01:55 PM

    Enter the gate to this old amusement park and you find yourself in a world full of lights and magic, pumpkin men and witches and thousands of pumpkins.

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  2. The Round Tower

    Oct 09, 14 07:39 AM

    The Round Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Built as an astronomical observation tower by King Christian IV in the 1600s.

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  3. Constitution Day

    Sep 09, 14 06:00 AM

    Every 5th of June we celebrate the Danish Constitution Day, the birthday of our democracy. Because it was on that day in 1849, that Denmark's first Constitution was signed by King Frederik VII.

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  4. Easter Traditions

    Sep 09, 14 05:47 AM

    To most Danes, Easter means the end of a long winter, spring vacation here or abroad, chocolate eggs, and the traditional Easter lunch with family and friends.

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