Denmark Pictures

Hello, I'm Vivi Labo...

...and here is my picture site about Denmark, the smallest of the three Scandinavian countries in northern Europe.

Over time - as I photograph my way over land and sea - I'll add more and more pictures, info and stories about people and places here in Denmark. So, do come back often and check out my latest additions. Thank You!

My Latest Additions

  1. Beating the Barrel on Horseback - Store Magleby

    Info and video that shows how horse riders in Store Magleby beat a wooden barrel. It’s an old Shrovetide tradition, introduced by descendants of Dutch immigrants, who came to Amager Island in 1521.

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  2. Picture Galleries

    Overview with thumbnails and links to picture galleries about Denmark. You are most welcome to pin my pictures on Pinterest as long as you link back.

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  3. New Year Traditions

    New Year's Eve is about solemn moments where we look back, honour and remember, and moments where we look forward to a new beginning in the coming year. But New Year's Eve is also about...

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