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Old Merchant Town Dating Back To Medieval Times
Located on Zealand Island --- Home of Kronborg Castle

The medieval town of Elsinore in Denmark.

Elsinore is a medieval town, first time mentioned in 1231. In 1425, the Danish king Eric of Pomerania builds a fortress there and starts collecting Sound Dues (tolls) from passing merchant ships.

The Strait Between Denmark and Sweden

The strait between Denmark and Sweden.

Elsinore is located on Zealand Island, right at the narrowest point of Øresund (The Sound), which is the strait between Denmark and Sweden. Here, only four kilometers of water separate our two countries.

Cosy Timber Framed Houses

Timber framed houses in Elsinore in Denmark.

Elsinore is one of the best preserved medieval towns here in Denmark. Very charming with ochre coloured, timber framed houses, narrow cobblestone lanes, pedestrian streets, and a busy sea port with ferries to and from Sweden.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark.

Kronborg Castle is built on top and around the old fortress by King Frederik II in 1574-1585. It's one of the most significant Dutch renaissance castles in northern Europe. Made famous by William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Old picture of Kronborg Castle

Old picture of Kronborg Castle in the 1500s.

Most shipping between the Baltic Sea and western Europe went through Øresund, and the Sound Dues, which foreign ships had to pay, became the most lucrative source of income for the Danish monarchy.

Courtyard House from the 1700s

Courtyard house in Elsinore, Denmark.

Skippers had to go ashore to pay the Sound Dues. And because they would buy provisions while staying there, Elsinore became very wealthy. Here you see a courtyard house  from the 1700s, built by one of many merchants.

The Merchant's House Museum

The Merchant's House Museum in Elsinore, Denmark.

The white merchant's house, you see in the middle of this picture, was built in 1580 and rebuilt in the 1700s. Provisions could be purchased in the shop that's still in use. Today, the merchant's house is a fascinating museum.

The Seaport

Seaport of Elsinore in Denmark.

The Seaport of Elsinore is the largest port in Denmark. It lies just south of Kronborg Castle and is an extension of the town's main street. It's a very busy port with car and passenger ferries to and from Sweden.

Shopping Around

Timber framed houses and shops in Elsinore, Denmark.

Shopping around in the old, historic streets and narrow lanes is very fascinating. Here you find tempting fashion boutiques, interior design shops, wine merchants, delicatessen shops, antique shops, and a whole lot more.

The Medieval Cathedral of Saint Olai

The medieval Cathedral of Saint Olai in Elsinore in Denmark.

The oldest part of the medieval Cathedral in Elsinore dates back to 1200s. The Cathedral is named after the Norwegian King Olav the Sacred, who fell in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030, and later became a saint.

Oldest Timber Framed House

The oldest timber framed house in Elsinore, Denmark.

Wandering around in the old town is a very fascinating experience. Nowhere else in Denmark will you find so many old and well preserved buildings. Here you see the oldest timber framed house in the town, built in 1577.

The Medieval Monastery of Our Lady

The medieval Monastery of Our Lady in Elsinore, Denmark.

The medieval Monastery of Our Lady was founded in 1430 by the Carmelite Order, on land donated by King Eric of Pomerania. It's one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in northern Europe.

The Medieval Church of St. Mary

Inside the medieval Church of Saint Mary in Elsinore, Denmark.

The medieval Church of St. Mary is part of the Carmelite Monastery and built between 1430-1500. It's a very beautiful church with well preserved murals and a newly renovated organ.

The Town Museum

Elsinore Town Museum in the medieval Carmelite House in Denmark.

The Town Museum is established in the Carmelite House that was built in 1516 to care for sick foreign seamen. The museum offers changing exhibitions plus one permanent exhibition, displaying Elsinore's history.

Fishing- and Yacht Harbour

Fishing- and Yacht Harbour in Elsinore, Denmark.

The fishing- and yacht harbour is located just north of Kronborg Castle. It's a large, modern marina with a great atmosphere and short distances to child friendly beaches, beautiful forests and lakes, and cosy fishing villages.